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Atari 2600: Blueprint

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Blueprint is a fairly complex game that test your memory skills as well as your reflexes. A monster is chasing your girlfriend. You must build a gun that can kill the monster. The pieces of the gun are scattered one at a time into various buildings. You must remember which buildings and in which order so that you can retrieve the pieces in the proper order and build the gun before the girl is dinner. If you go into a wrong house, you'll have to diffuse a bomb or lose a life. Also you must avoid a demon that roams the streets. If you manage to build the gun and kill the monster, you'll be given one of eight letters of a password. Try to uncover the entire password.

(The description below courtesy of MobyGames via a CC license.)

Your girlfriend Daisy is in trouble! Ollie Org is chasing her across the top of the screen, and you need to come to the rescue. To stop Ollie before time runs out, you need to construct a machine. The blue print for the machine is at the bottom of the screen, so all you need to do is locate the parts which are hidden in the numerous houses in a maze like town. When you locate a part, drag it back and place it on the blue print. When all parts have been located, press the start button and the machine is ready to go! To make your task more difficult, there are several obstacles that get in the way. If you enter a house which doesn't contain a part, you will instead be stuck with a bomb. You will need to hurry and diffuse any bombs in the bomb pit before they explode! From time to time, a flower pot will fall from above and then hop off the screen. Get hit by a flower pot, and you lose a life. You also need to be careful of Fuzzy Wuzzy, who wanders around the neighborhood randomly. An encounter with Fuzzy Wuzzy will also be deadly! Hiding in the bomb pit is Sneaky Pete; while he isn't deadly, he will occasionally appear and press the start button before your machine is complete. If this happens, you will need to drag Pete back to the bomb pit and reassemble all of the machine parts.

Identifier atari_2600_blueprint_1983_cbs_electronics_tom_didomenico_4l_2486_5000
Mediatype software
Scanner Internet Archive Python library 0.4.8
Publicdate 2013-12-25 10:28:34
Addeddate 2013-12-25 10:28:34
Emulator a2600
Emulator_ext bin
Controller joystick


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